Eco Synergy Systems

Veld Regeneration Project / Alien Vegetation Removal

Veld Regeneration Project / Alien Vegetation Removal: Thousands of non-indigenous trees were cut down and used to build Aquila’s thatch roofs. 2,000 indigenous trees have been planted in the veld to increase the “carrying capacity” of the land. Approximately 100 edible to game trees are planted monthly. At any stage, several hundred trees are tended to and prepared for planting at ARC. Compost from Aquila’s restaurant, horses, elephants and earthworms are organically used to fertilise our trees.

Aquila has for the past two years offered all visitors the opportunity to plant a tree in Africa as part of our Veld Regeneration Project.Aquila has been responding to the need for sustainable tourism over the last few years, before it became a talking point. We believe in ensuring our carbon footprint is minimal whilst offering our guests an African safari experience.

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