Eco Synergy Systems

Biogas provides heat and energy, obtained from slaughtered fish waste, elephant dung, horse manure and leftover meals (elephants and horses are based at Aquila) Biogas is low impact and reduces our carbon footprint further, as we are hoping to switch from electricity and purchased gas to full Biogas production in 2015. The system has been bought and installed at Aquila’s kitchen. 12,000 soup kitchen meals will be prepared using this system.

The Food for Litter campaign: ARC has run a Food for Litter campaign that swops litter for soup kitchen meals for 400 children a day during most winter months.

Waste collected is recycled and sold where possible. To make the project sustainable, the proceeds are donated to a local school in order to fund much needed school teachers.

Cuttings, weeds and waste are used for compost. The greenhouses are situated in between restructured shipping containers, to maximize the usage and production with aquaponics, growth of the fish and fresh produce. Used cool drink and tinned food cans, cardboard and reclaimed wood have been used to make solar heaters to warm ARC’s aquaculture and greenhouse systems, in order to maintain optimum fish breeding temperatures of 26 degrees C during winter.

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