Eco Synergy Systems

Our goal is to produce a sustainable on site, low impact organic resource of “free” chicken and eggs for Aquila’s restaurant and soup kitchens. Chicken manure is added to the duckweed water as a nutrient supply.

Aquaculture / Aquaponics: Approximately 30,000 tilapia fish are based at ARC and Aquila. Aquila’s menu has been restructured to include these fish where possible. Our goal is to produce up to 6.5 tons of fish per annum, and to produce the ZAR1.7million worth of fruit, vegetables and fish that Aquila consumes annually, organically fertilized and on-site (reducing our carbon footprint). Excess tilapia are supplied to the soup kitchen in the Food for Litter campaign. The tilapia are organically fed. When slaughtered, 30% of the fish weight is waste which is used to feed the Biogas plant. The fish water is used in the aquaculture system to organically fertilize the greenhouse and tunnel crops.

There are 50 duckweed containers. Duckweed is a free organic protein source, used as a low impact feed for ARC’s tilapia fish and ARC’s chickens. Generally, duckweed is uncontrollable, invasive and non-indigenous. Duckweed is removed from local dams in a conservation effort, and is grown in controlled environments (containers).

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