Rescue,Rehabilitation & Release

Cheetahs Breeding Initiatives

A.R.C is also home to two Cheetahs, male and a female imprinted by humans, can never be released in the wild again. Cheetah numbers in the wild dwindling rapidly due to habitat loss throughout Africa and of course the drastic increase in domestic animals, these factors have naturally led to the loss of prey.

At great financial sacrifice from Aquila, A.R.C set about developing a breeding campain. This demanding project had to be put on hold when 3 of Aquila's Rhino's fell victim to a poaching attack and funds had to be derived to launch a rescue plan. The breeding program is now once again on the agenda and the groundwork is under way. 

( derived from hindi word meaning " variegated " ( spotted) }.

KINGDOM  : Animalia

PHYLUM : Chordata

CLASS  :  Mammalia

ORDER : Carnivora

FAMILY  : Felidae

GENUS : Acininyx ( no-move-claw ) GREEK

SPECIES :  Jubatus (6 sub species )

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