Rescue,Rehabilitation & Release

Crocodiles Rescue Initiatives

These 2 Juvenile Nile Crocodiles are also resident at A.R.C, both rescued from a Crocodile Farm that closed down in the vicinity. The inclosed for the Crocodiles has temperature regulated water as they are ectothermic.

Due to the extreme cold experienced in these parts a Crocodile's core temperature cannot drop below 12 degrees or it could be fatal, for this reason we regulate water to a constant 26.6 degrees. Their shelter that they sleep in has heating panels installed, as well as  underground heating to keep them warm during the nights or that cold winter days.


CROCODILE   { ancient greek (crocodilos) lizard }


KINGDOM : Animalia

PHYLUM :  Chordata

CLASS : Reptilia

ORDER  : Crocodylia

FAMILY  : Crocodylidae

GENUS : Crocodylus

SPECIES :     

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